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$120 Full Set

Classic Lashes

Our Classic Eyelash Extensions are the perfect fit for clients wanting to try out lashes for the first time whether it’s for a special occasion, holiday or just to give your eyes that extra oomph. The average client has around 100 natural lashes on each eye and each lash has roughly a ninety day growth cycle which mean lashes fall out naturally after this time.

If you’re wanting ‘thick and dramatic’ then these lashes might not cut it for you- instead see Hybrid or Volume Lashes

$130 Full Set

Hybrid Lashes

Our Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are the next step up in lashes and perfect for clients wanting to add a bit more fullness to their lashes.

Hybrid Lashes are a mix of Classic lashes and Volume . Volume lashes are individually made ‘fans’ of lashes made during your appointment to suit each natural lash. 
Hybrid is our most popular lash treatment as it is suitable for all clients, especially clients with naturally fine lashes.

From $150 - $220 Full Set

Volume Lashes

Volume Lash Extensions are our thickest and fullest option in lash treatments.

Each fan can be made up of anywhere between 3-10 lashes depending on each natural lash’s health. At Lash Lounge Nelson our number one priority is to maintain our client’s lash health. Each natural lash can only withstand so much weight so we highly recommend visiting one of our lash stylists to determine whether volume lashes are suitable for you.

From $20 - $40

Lash Removal

Your lash health is important to us here at Lash Lounge Nelson, if for whatever reason you want your eyelash extensions removed come and see us and we will do it safely for you.

From $60 - $75

Lash Lift and Tint

The Lash Lift is a revolutionary technique that gives volume, curl and length to your natural lashes. 

To give your lashes that desired length and volume, an eye-safe adhesive is then applied to the top of the pad, brushing your lashes upwards. Next, a lashlifting solution is applied. This solution softens the bonds of your hair, moulding it into the shape that the adhesive has set them into. After 30 minutes, the adhesive will be carefully removed, and your lashes will be totally flutter-worthy!

From $80 - $90

Brow Lamination

The latest beauty trend straight out of Russia! BROW LAMINATION - a lift for your brows!

Keratin protects the hair while vitamin complexes and nourishing oils work from the root to restore mechanical damage and sun exposure. The main outcome however, is thicker fluffier brows.
Brow lamination changes the direction of the hair from the root and they can therefore be brushed up into the direction desired.
Results last 1-2 months and you need a decent amount of brow hair for this to work.

From $30 - $50

Henna Brows

We find most clients prefer Henna to traditional tinting as the Henna is a natural product, produces longer lasting results and also helps restore weak/damaged hairs. Henna brows are popular with clients who are wanting to add volume and definition to their brows but are not quite ready to commit to getting Brow Microblading.
We stock a range of Henna shades to suit all skin types/hair colours and can also mix together colours to create a custom blend resulting in the perfect Henna brow.

From - $15 - $25


We use only the best tanning products, it’s not a case of one tan suits all so we will consult with you to meet your tan desires.
Let us make you a beautiful bronzed goddess all year round, who wouldn’t want to look radiant, confident and stunning, after all at Lash Lounge Nelson We don’t just do lashes “We do beautiful”.


It is important that you know Eyelash Extensions are an art and therefore take time, love, and care to apply. For this reason we ask for you to come prepared to your lash appointment, the cleaner your lashes are when you arrive the better retention you will have between infills.

    •    Please arrive eye make up free making sure an oil free substance was used to remove your makeup.
    •    During your LASH NAP we ask that you turn your phone off or to silent, if you are expecting an important call please let your lash artist know in advance.
    •    Please avoid intense excersise and drinking caffeine prior to your appointment as this can cause your eyes to be super fluttery and make LASH NAP take longer therefore costing you more.
    •    For Health and Safety reasons we can not have little ones in our lash studio as your eyes are closed for long periods of time.
By Booking an appointment at Lash Lounge Nelson you agree that If you cancel with less then 24 hours notice you will be charged for your full appointment.

All appointments are non refundable, if you have any issues with your Eyelash Extensions within the first 3 days we will fix it complementary, keep in mind if your eyelash extensions are not clean to begin with this can cause issues with retention, we suggest if you wear heavy makeup or are naturally oily to invest in a lash cleanser before your appointment to help lengthen the life of your extensions.

We don't tolerate NO SHOWS and if you don't show you will be invoiced for the total of your appointment plus a $20 admin fee ontop, this invoice will be given a net 7 days to be paid and if it isn't paid we will pass it on to a debt collection agency.

Eyelash Extensions appointment are super hard to fill last minute as we dedicate a lot of time so we can give you the best result, we ask that you respect our Business policies so we can continue running a Business that we love.


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